We empower the future of environmental adhesives

Cutting-edge production facilities
and environmental quality

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In every step of our proces, from product to delivery, we aim to be environmentally neutral and concerned about our sustainability

Founded in Denmark in 1977, GLUDAN is one of the leading producers of adhesives

With GLUDAN, you get more than a product. We work with you in developing concepts to make sure you get the most out of our adhesives

We cultivate an open, fair and friendly presence in dialogue with our customers and in interactions

Kim Szöts, Owner & CEO

Our products vary from standard to custom, and we are always flexible towards the client.

Looking for help?

We are here to assist you with any given support from products to transportations, or if you are looking samples.

We proudly deliver adhesives to more than 1000 clients, located in 11 countries across a wide arrange of industries