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Service overview

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With GLUDAN, you get more than a product. We work with you in developing concepts to make sure you get the most out of our adhesives. By analyzing your production processes on site, our consultants and technicians are able to offer in-depth advice on selecting and using our adhesives.

Special needs require special solutions. We have flexible manufacturing processes in place so that we can develop exactly the right product you need. We deliver the requisite amount – large or small – in the shortest time possible. Our aim is to achieve a tailor-made result that best suits you.

Our technicians offer full technical support of your machines. When setting-up or upgrading your machinery, leverage our expertise to tackle technical issues; we present tailored solutions to ensure you attain your goal.

Untill we know what product our client need, we analyze their business, and test different adhesives to find the solution that fits the exact needs of them.

GLUDAN stands for a consistent high level of quality in the production of specialty adhesives.

Our quality assurance system includes all process steps from purchasing to production, through to packaging and shipping.


Our GLUDAN laboratory checks all raw materials upon arrival at the factory. All production steps and all finished products are subject to strict quality controls. Tests and comprehensive documentation guarantee that we deliver top quality products every time.

We are proud of our excellent  delivery service. We aim to be the fastest deliverer at the market, and you can expect us to deliver within 1-3 working days in Central and Northern Europe.

If you have problem regarding any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.

GLUDAN must develop, produce and market products that meet our customers’ requirements, needs and expectations for quality, environment and economy.

Our products must always be quality-leading and produced with the greatest possible consideration for the environment. This is achieved by: Constantly try to improve the existing quality management system. Keep us informed about our customers’ requirements, needs and expectations. Through commitment and education to get everyone involved in quality control. Constantly inform our customers about “new” routines. Always deliver the right quantity in the right packaging, at the right time and address and at the correct price. Inform, train and develop employees on an ongoing basis to comply with our policy. Never compromise on quality, only the best is accepted.